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A word counter is an essential tool as it counts the number of phrases in a specific article. Naturally, it is impossible to rely on words in a lengthy article, but this loose seo device can matter some of the terms in your writing/articles. It also tells the total character count number. Copy-paste the text and click at the "count number phrase" button, and the device will matter the phrase and characters of the textual content you supplied. 


In a blog post, there is no limit to the number of words that can increase its ranking in Google Search results. Various people have a misconception that helpful articles must be in the range of a specified number of words. 
Shorter articles can be more valuable than longer articles if they are written in your own words and do not copy-paste the content from the Internet or somewhere else. We always suggest writing a minimum of 1500 words per article in order to increase the chances to rank on Google. 

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