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The website you make should appeal to the site visitors by creating a website with nicely formatted web content material that grabs the eye of the traffic. Your website visitors should not have any issue navigating your website, so make your internet site in this way that it is straightforward to navigate across your entire website.

If you still have a high jump rate after doing the above-stated matters, you should use this tool to check your website's speed. Consider also reducing unnecessary javascript as it only adds more load time to your pages. The websites that load sluggish are the worst, resulting in a decreased wide variety of traffic to your website. Using embedded films for your internet site will make it slow, and it'll take more time to load. If your internet site is bringing more than five seconds to load, then the visitors will now not need to visit your website, and they'll see any other internet site which masses rapidly compared to your internet site.

How Should You Optimize a Webpage Speed? Here are some Tips To enhance Your Page Speed


  • Use file compression to reduce the size of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML 
  • Optimize images for a max of 100 kb per image, use tinypng tool 
  • Optimize your code by removing spaces, commas
  • Reduce redirects.
  • Remove blocking JavaScript
  • Leverage browser caching, if you use WordPress then W3 total cache plugin will to the job.
  • Improve your servers response time, monitor your server performance with server status checker tool
  • Use a content delivery  network.(CDN)

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