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Have you ever notice that some websites are extraordinarily fast? You may be curious about that website hosting company to improve your website speed by changing the hosting company.

This tool tells that which company host that website. Input the URL of the internet site you want to check within the textbox and hit enter, and you will get the outcomes inside seconds. This tool is beneficial for those who wish to host their internet site on a server that guarantees a higher uptime than other servers. 

To verify who's hosting that website, insert the URL in the tool space. The second row indicates the IP address of the website, while the second-row row indicates the hosting provider. It additionally gives facts approximately a nameserver and web server.

The Importance of Using this tool if you want to improve your Site speed

When websites are down or showing errors lose their visitors. Search engines like Google start to deranking these websites because of web server errors or slow loading pages. Consequently, ad companies may avoid doing business with you due to the lack of website performance explained above.


Loading Speed

Further, the loading speed of a website is similarly critical. Users haven't affected people enough to await websites that take a longer time to load. Search engines like google and yahoo will even cross down. 


Here at w-seotools we have specifically selected some hosting companies based on your level of skills:


If you are a newbie and want an easy and fast solution, then Bluehost is the way to go. They are reliable, fast, and affordable. You don't need to spend time configuring the server. It comes in a handy solution for beginners.  



Another good hosting company for beginners is siteground. If you need shared hosting, then you can't go wrong with siteground. They offer great load times, and WordPress also recommends them. 



Are you a developer or have some technical background and want to save some bucks? Then it would be best if you go for unmanaged web hosting because you'll get a VPS (private virtual server with high performance). The downside is that you'll have to configure everything, but it is never too late to learn some technical skills, right? :)


 Contabo  is a German company, and they are one of the most reliable and cheap hosting providers all over the internet. 


 Digital Ocean  is one of the fastest cloud services for self-managed hosting, and the user interface is beginner-friendly, making it very easy to set up WordPress  

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