Class C Ip Checker

Class C Ip Checker

Enter up to 40 Domains (Each Domain must be on separate line)

If you have currently bought a web hosting service to make a website, you ought to be curious to realize approximately the alternative websites sharing the same elegance C IP with you. It's also good to recognize that every class C IP is often transferred with several websites.

IP stands for Internet Protocol and represents a fixed of standards and necessities for growing and transmitting data packets, or datagrams, across networks. The Internet Protocol (IP) is part of the network layer of the net protocol suite. In the OSI model, IP could be considered a part of the community layer. IP is traditionally used at the side of a higher-stage protocol, most considerably TCP. The IP widespread is ruled using RFC 791.


Never share an IP deal on different websites as it will have a poor impact on your internet site and decrease the Page Rank of your internet site. If by way of mistake you percentage your website's IP deal with on an internet site that has been blacklisted through search engines due to irrelevant content, then it'll negatively affect your internet site as properly.

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